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    I have a '98 RoadKing fuel injected bike. My problem is, after removing and reinstalling my gas tank after painting, my bike stumbles during take off, acceleration and just reving the engine. It shoots out black sooty smoke out the back then takes off. I know this to be a rich fuel problem. I thought it might be junk in the fuel injectors, but it is interermittant. Sometimes after traveling at highway speeds when you come off the ramp and come to a stop at a light it just dies. Then when you restart the problems goes away for a short time but comes back after sustained speeds. It acts like something is sticking in an open position. How would I trouble shoot this? What switches control throttle position? I had a power commander on this bike but have disabled it to see if that was the problem. It seems to have helped but the problem is still there just not as bad. I don't think removing the gas tank had anything to do with it, but just a coincidence. Thanks for any help in this matter.
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    On that bike, your fuel pump, regulator and filter are inside the tank. If all that stuff was removed so the tank could be painted (had to be), I would be worried about how it was reassembled and installed. Beyond that is the pin hole problem that can develop if the hoses inside the tank are the cheap convoluted plastic hose. See if this applies:

    Engine Dies And Runs In Spurts - Harley Davidson Community

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