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    Hello riders, I just finished my first long run. While traveling east on 40 I noticed a problem with the signal lights. I replace a bulb and a fuse then another bulb. Then my brake lights went out. Replaced another fuse. I pulled in a harley shop and I won't mention the name. But they told me I would be about a week out before they could get to it. Yea right, I continued down the hi-way and came to Tipps. Outstanding place. They put me to the front and checked out the wiring. 5 minutes later they came out with the answer. The harness under the rear fender had fallen and rubbed the wires bare thus shorting out the rear lights and brake light. I asked if the wire ties broke and he told me that harley sticks them on with 3M tape. They didn't have the harness in stock so he built one. Took only a couple hours and I was on the road. A big thanks to Tipps Harley in Amarillo TX.

    Now for the question. Why would Harley Davidson not use wiring ties to hold the harness up on the fender? Now that I am home I'm going to drill two holes and put a couple clips up there to hold the wires from falling. I will be sure to rust proof the holes, ie; clean and prime and paint. the use a filler to completely plug the hole for water leaks.

    The guy at Tipps told me this was the the way they come out of the factory and they don't have problems with them very often. What do you riders think?

    Out living the dream

    PS Did 4600 miles and this was the only incident.
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    It's all about $$$$

    They use to have an integral metal channel welded to the fender for the wiring but now they cheeped out and do it this way.

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    Personally I would not drill or expose more metal. They make gap filling superglue gel that would bond the wiring to the fender besides new 3M zip tie holders just in case and not affect the integrity of the treated fender surfaces (electo-coating or passivation one would think) and then painted finishing. As Glider said, I am used to the welded channel that held AND protected the wire, and surprised they did the plastic holder and tie method, which would be fine in protected environ, NOT on the underside of a fender...:small3d012:
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