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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by hotrod351, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. hotrod351

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    any one know if theres a product that will strip the paint off the motor without hurting the chrome or anything else. i bought my bike about 5 years ago and who ever rebuilt painted the motor. well it doesnt look all that great any more and the paint has come off and faded badly in a few places so i thought about just stripping it completely.
  2. TQuentin1

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    I suggest you disassemble it and have it done by whomever you are gonna have recoat it. I have a similar issue with the engine case and tranny case on my '91 Dyna. Both were pretty sand blasted by the time I rebuilt the bike back in '99. I DID NOT disassemble either and have the aluminum coated correctly. I just cleaned them really well with solvent and then alcohol (while still partially assembled) and painted them with high temp engine paint. Better than nothing, but not much. Now I am gonna have to rebuild the bike again, and this time will do it right. Besides, I am NOT gonna powder-coat. I am gonna have the cases coated with Teflon (Poly Dyn - Polymer Dynamics).

  3. maine-e-axe

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    Alum, needs to be etched just before painting, Alum, starts to oxidize with contact with air, etching it removes the oxidizatoin so the paint can stick.
  4. prodrag1320

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    spray gasket remover,paints not a prob,it`ll even take off powder coat with ease
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    i read about the permatex gasket remover but will it hurt the chrome.
  6. rothladoad

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    Easy Off oven cleaner will work.Not what I would do though.Since it's summer I'd scratch it up with a wire brush,mask it off,rattle can it and RIDE it.Save the more time consuming options for later.
  7. Wayne R

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    Paint remover removes paint by producing heat which causes the paint to lift, I dont think it would produce enough heat to lift the chrome, but I would try putting paint remover on some piece of chrome a test piece to see if any damage to the chrome occurs, also be careful to cover any areas or painted surfaces this stuff drips and has a way of getting into unwanted areas,and do damage and if you dont coat it heavy enough it wont produce enough heat to lift the paint, water neutralizes it for cleaning but be sure to wash it off thouroly with soap and water, making sure to hose down thouroghly run off areas, finally I would chemically clean off any areas with a rag soaked not dripping with laquer thinner to get rid of the residue left behind, before starting any final sanding or prep work, I dont know how bad the affected areas are but I would consider sanding smooth and re painting only because the area your in is a tough place for consequential damage to occur from the paint stripper.