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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by marksg, Mar 8, 2010.

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    I ride a 2010 SG and am 6'5. I am looking for a seat that will get me back and low. The stock seat is too far forward and not comfortable for the wife.
    I bought a Tallboy and it gets me back a little and is comfortable for the wife but looks like a touring seat. This weekend I tried every seat that Mustang makes at their Bike Week tent. The ones that they say get you back and low are taller than the Tallboy. I would love to use a Brawler solo for when I ride solo and then put a different seat on when my wife is along but I would still be left with a ugly Tallboy. I liked the idea of the Mustang solo with a separate pad so I could add the pad quickly when she comes along but just didn't get the right fit. The Wide Daytripper is almost perfect in idea and looks but just doesn't get me down and back.
    Any ideas?
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    I can think of two other things to try right off the top of my head:

    1) Give the folks at Mean City a call and see if they can modify any of the seats you've mentioned to fit your goals. I have no personal experience with them but have read many postings on this and other forums raving about the magic they can perform with a seat!

    2) Don't get tunnel vision and only focus on the seat. Different handlebars and/or floorboard extenders might help more than you think.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Biglew55 but that would be a little too much.

    Dr. thanks for the thoughts, I have already moved the bars as far forward as they will go. The levers almost touch the fairing. I am really looking to get me back further. I don't even like highway pegs. I tend to like them more underneath me. I am comfortable with my feet where they are.
    I am assuming I will need to go custom but I thought I would put this out in case I am missing something.
    I would love to hear that a seat like the Rallyrunner moves you back and down. Unfortunately when they say that in the ad they are comparing it to the stock touring seat not the SG stock seat.