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    Hi everyone,
    I own a 2010 FLHX (Canadian version).

    On rear fender right below the license plate are these 3 lines/light strips. I had actually put up another thread the other day about the actual part number.

    However, I leaned under the bike today & was shocked to see that there is an actual part there.. all bolted to the fender and there is a wire there which goes all the way up on the inside of the fender. No clue where it stops.

    My question is !!! How do you get these lights to work ?. Possible all is there except for bulbs ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Rgds, Shawn

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    Put a meter on the sockets and see if there is power. If so, then you can add the bulbs.

    You might look at a parts book, either your own or the dealers part book. You have a PN so it'll show the page that displays it. Probably get more info from the parts book as to if it should work or not.

    Sure looks like it should be lit.
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    My Canadian 09 SG lites worked the day I picked it up from the dealler when new. Last year I ran into a friend of mine who had new a 10 SG at the time and was wondering why his lites were not working. He took it back for warranty but they told him that is how they are being sold now and there would be a charge to hook them up.

    The wires should end up under the seat.
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    That light should be a running and brake light but I do see a difference between Canadian and American models when looking at my 2011 manual. The connector on my American 11 is shown to be under the left side cover but the Canadian models indicate an additional jumper harness because of what looks like an additional light. Can you show a larger pic of your rear fender/lights?
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    I have the 2012 and mine came with the lights, is it posible the bulbs are out.
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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I have news !!! This has been bugging me all day, so I pulled out the tool box and laid down by the bike. I also took some pix.

    Pic # 1 will show a view from down towards the regular light housing (tail light). You will see the wire running from the striped lights to the tail light.

    Pic #2 will show you the unit in my hand. Look CAREFULLY.. Its a dud. ie: there is nothing there. Look through the clear plastic and there is nothing inside. No place to install a bulb nothing. There is a way to remove the clear lens in the front.. However, they glued it.

    Pic# 3 shows a faded sticker with the word Canada on it. So the Canadians get no lights. :small3d031:

    Pic#4 is the rear shot of the part. You can see on the sides "input/Output". Into these sockets there are small plugs that plug into them. One wire goes into the regular tail light... and the second heads towards the fuse box. There are no loose or unused plugs under the seat.

    I believe I need HD Part# 67774-10. However, the photo in the catalog shows one wire/plug only. However, on the bike there are two plugs that go into it.

    Its clear they really want a service call for this... But i'll try and fight this. Plug & play I am o.k. with. But messing with any other electronics on the bike I wont do. Not worth the risk to me.

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    There is an alternative way to get a Trilight working on a Canadian Street / Road Glide WITHOUT cutting or splicing into any existing factory wires.
    If you pull your seat off you will find you already have an outlet for auxiliary lighting like Saddle Bag Spoilers, Tour Pak, Passenger Back Rest or anything else that might incorporate Running/Brake LEDs. This is the same outlet / place the Trilight on an 08 or earlier gets plugged into. Now the chances are that on a 2010 or newer Street / Road Glide this outlet is Un-Used and so you may need to get a Wire Harness / Adapter from the Dealer. I don't have a Part Number for this Wire Harness but you can have the Dealer look up the install instructions for an Air Wing Rack LED Light Kit and have them get you the Wire Harness (Item #12) illustrated in those instructions. If you want to test what I am describing before disassembling anything you can simply set the Trilight (from an 08) or earlier on the seat area and plug it in as indicated above. You will notice everything (Brakes, signals, headlights, radio as well as the running / brake light on the Trilight) works.
    Basically what you want to do is pull the LED Board from the 08 Trilight and put it in your existing Dummy Trilight housing. So begin by carefully prying the lens from the 08 trilight. Once the lens is removed you will cut the wire on the 08 Trilight. This is the only wire you will cut and only so that you can remove the LED Board. Now remove the Dummy Trilight from your bike. Again carefully pry the lens from that housing. Once removed you will drill a small hole (The exact same size as the one that exists in the 08 Trilight housing) in the white housing of the Dummy Trilight. Next you will clip the LED Board into the housing and run the wires through the hole. Push the wire grommet snug into the hole so that it seals just as it did on the 08 housing. Put some silicon around the lens and snap it back onto the white housing. Reassemble everything, solder the wires tjhat you cut back together and plug it in. Presto - you have a trilight. It is about a 1.5 hour project and does not require cutting one pre-existing factory wire.