Street glide back suspension

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Klaus, May 18, 2010.

  1. Klaus

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    Some help, I have a Street Glide 08, the back suspension is hard and work like in slow motion. there is any opcion to change it for a soft one or better one.

    I found one in harley store but just work for 2009 and up

    Do you have any idea if I can do something to improve the suspension?

    thx for your help
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Do you have the HD pump? Have you tried a variety of air pressures to try and find one to your liking? If not I would start there before spending tons of money on swapping out the rear suspension.
  3. maine-e-axe

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    Air shocks, check the PSI and change it. Its behind the left saddlebag.
  4. whatyardwork

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    I dropped my old softail off at the local indy yesterday.After assuring him there was no rush as I have an 08 streetglide to get me around, the topic quikly turned to rear shocks.

    Turns out he too had recently purchased a streetglide and was voicing his displeasure about the stiff rear shocks.After going through all adjustment options he swapped them out for a set of 13" Progressives.

    According to him it made all the difference in the world.He even offered to let me take it for a spin at some point to see for myself.Of course I declined.The last thing I need is to crash my Indy' bike as he's working on mine.

    He is one of the most respected wreches in my area, so Im fairly sertain there is some merit to what he's telling me.