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Hi I`m new to this forum. I am looking at an 2006 street bob, is this a good bike? I don`t know a lot about h-d. I like the bike but, I can`t seem to find many after market parts, only a couple of exhaust and intake, I do like the v&h pipes but was looking into a velocity stack the only one i could find is from h-d at $600, is there something bad about these bikes or just hard to get parts.
Thanks Jeff
any help would be great
Welcome to the site! There is nothing wrong with these bikes. The Dyna family doesn't have quite as many after market offerings as the softails and touring bikes but you should be able to find plenty of bits for that model. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
i was loking at the v&h Big Radius, found the pipes and a Velocity stack for the intake but i can`t seem to find any that will fit this bike i don`t know if a part that fits a super glide will fit or not
Hi: and welcome to the forum...I am not a frequent writer but I caught your initial question and I wanted to share that I have a Street Bob. In fact I started out with a 2007 and then in a fit of ego traded up to a 2008. I love them and prefer them over most of the other models of Harleys. If you like old skool style choppers (bobbers) then the Bob is as close as your gonna get without buying a bike already made that way (just an opinion)...

As far as pipes go, I am wanting to put a set of the V&H Staggered Shortshots in black ceramic, however I also love the low sound that I get with the stock pipes and am torn. No decision yet for me...

Welcome again.

Idaho John
Hey no sooner an opinion shared, than voila...a retro look Harley called the Crossbones. It would be nice if a fella could be right just once in a while (see my earlier comment about old skool style). I wish them the best but I am still in love with the street bob.:bigsmiley33:

Best of luck with your search....

Idaho John
I love mine, i have an 07 and i put the PYthon 2:1 on mine with a PCIII usb and changed all the lights over to LEDs, the bike runs like a striped assed ape :D
have pics of it in my gallery
Look here for the best prices on V&H pipes that I've found. The Big Radius for your bike is the second one listed.

2006-2008 - More Power Racing

I agree about the velocity stack, as cool as they look you'd be better off with a Forcewinder or Ness Big Sucker etc.
ok force winder it is. would it be better to get the power comander or have h-d do it, they said somethimg about a race kit or something like that, it would be better than a power comander, and it a power comander is better is it something i could do myself or i would have to take it to a shop. This will be my first h-d, i had a couple bikes but never a h-d or FI
Thanks for all the help allready
I decided to go with the PC3. If you contact Jamie with Fuelmoto he will hook you up with the PC# and a map for your bike with your A/C and pipes. Plus you can get other maps from them if needed. Here is the link Click me
you guys liked the sound of the stock pipes??? I have a 2007 and I absolutely hated the pipes. I replaced them with a set of black ceramic coated pipes from wicked bros. They are throaty, loud enough and make the bike run and look fantastic. There are many parts out there for the street bob. I added a 2 up seat, forward controls, new grips, fotpegs, lay down license plate, lifted the tank 2 inches and put the Harley Davidson rear tire kit on. I also had some stuff powdercoated. There are hundreds of great parts for tis bike just look at the ones Harley makes alone! Great bike and you will not be dissappointed!