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Street Bob or Super Glide?


Hi,folks totally new to this all,I am in a position now where I can afford to buy a Harley now,I like the look of both of these models,which are just about in my budget!Any ideas about better one of the two or any suggestions of others thanks for any help,cheers Dave:)
Welcome to the forum Jinky.
Tastes are different and I have no knowledge about the two you are looking at. But take your time and then whatever you choose, you will love it to bits :wce
Hi,I was at local dealers today,I am leaning towards Street Bob,I think it is a great looking bike,cheers Dave
Welcome to the forum Jinky.

The two bikes you mention aren't much different other than the outward appearance. The super glide is a blank canvas and a great deal for the money. You can do a lot with it once it's purchased if you wish to. Mostly there, the lack of chrome in lieu of polished aluminum will be the major difference, same engine and trans on both. The bob has a different paint treatment if you are into that look but either way you can't go wrong with either one. It's a matter of personal taste.
Welcome Jinky, I would rent each bike for a day and then decide. Thats what I did and decided on the Heritage Softail Classic. Ride Safe, BB156ny
Same horse different saddle & bridle.
Really they are the same bike, any part of one or the other can be swapped.
My advice is buy the one you can get the best price on.
Then ride it like you stole it, or change parts till it's "your" sled!
There are very few completely stock HDs on the rode, that's what makes them so great!