Strange Week

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    I was on my way from Kalamazoo to Maumee OH Wednesday morning and I ran into stopped traffic on I94 in Jackson. I got off the highway and called a co-worker for alt directions. I ended up on the business rout 94 through Jackson. I have never been through downtown before, so this was all new to me. Just on the other side of town I was on a wide sweeping curve with lots of concrete and no lane markings, the next thing I know is a curb starting to rise up on my left side, sure enough I was now on the sidewalk going about 30mph. There were no poles, signs, or anything in my way, so I hit the gas, clenched my teeth and shot back into the street. It was surprisingly a smooth transition; I don’t think the shocks even bottomed out.

    The next morning in Maumee I was heading to work. I was in a double left turn lane on the inside with a beat up pickup, full of construction material blocking the rear window. Sure enough on the completion of the turn the truck starts to take my lane, so I grabbed the brakes, hit the horn, and gave him the appropriate gesture. At the next intersection I was behind him and I noticed the reverse lights flashed for a second. I know this means he put the truck in park. I was starting to tense up at a bit. The driver’s door opens and out steps this behemoth of a guy. Before he gets two steps from the door, he throws his hands in the air and starts to apologize for cutting me off. I told him most people just brake check you or try to run you off the road. He was so apologetic about the whole thing; I shook his hand and told him to have a nice day.
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    Wow!!!! A week for the memory bank. Sounds like you had some good days of riding.:D
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    Dr. glad you are still ok. Sometimes things just go a little sideways. I feel like a lot of folks just don't see us because when they look in their mirrors the bike don't show the normal cage mass. No excuse but kinda feel that way about it.

    It's nice when they will own up to it and apologize, least if you didn't get runover anyhow.