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Strange Vibrations

el jefe

I recently purchased an 06 ulrta. I noticed that when I roll off the throttle and apply the rear brake, I get a vibration in the rear end. I feel it in the seat and the floor boards. If I pull in the clutch, it seems to disappear. I've taken it in for service and no one seems to be able to find the problem. Any thoughts.....??
Could be a number of things causing the vibration.

If it's just when you are on the brakes, it could be a warped rotor on the rear. You say that it disappears when you pull the clutch in so that would point to something else if you are still on the brakes when you pull the clutch in. I assume you are talking about using the rear foot brake when this happens?

If engine related a few things that would cause it are loose primary chain (improperly adjusted) or a loose compensator nut. Also worst case scenario is excessive run out on the crank shaft.