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strange noise

I have a 07 sportster 1200, when I shift into fourth gear and twist the throttle I hear a rattling noise but I cant tell where its coming from, it sounds like a chain rattle but the primary is tight, does anyone have any ideas what it could be, its driving me nuts.
It sounds as if you are describing pinging from too much load in to high gears. Try downshifting a gear and see if it still does it. Also use a higher grade of gas to see if it eliminates it if you are using a lower grade.
thanks I've been running high octane gas, think I'll try an octane booster and getting my rpm's higher before I shift as it only seems to do it when me and my girl are both on it
Octane booster is overkill on a stock/nearly stock engine. Try running up the revs before shifting a bit more, that should do it.
Hey I have similiar issue (s) I have a 07 sporty 1200 with 3600 miles and an EFI race tuner kit in it. I was riding with friend who heard what sounds like marbles rattling around when I gun it in higher gears and let off it makes a rattling noise. I noticed it when i was going to slow for a gear but Im not sure if its related. I also read about the first gear clunk but mines clunks in all 5 gears. I adjusted clutch per all the instructions Ive read hear but still a clunk and rattle. Any suggestions? By the way I have no idea how the EFI kit is programmed