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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by joeyc004, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. joeyc004

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    Ok, so I my put straight pipes on on 883 sportster, now what is recommended to do?, i been told i have to jet it, is there anything else?
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    Be quiet in the morning, you will lose some power and you will need to add some fuel, might want to check on some baffles lots of good choices out there, that still sound great and make good power
  3. joeyc004

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    so i would have to get bigger jets?
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Yep, C V carbs are pretty user friendly, check the self help section Maybe Chopper , Glider or Hobbit can pick up on this one I hate fuel related problems, tho most are fairly easy to fix, Jack
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    Everyone says to stay away from DJ jet kits. I am now a believer, they suck to tune. But, that being said.... To get a DJ jet kit tuned right you'll need to do a lot of fiddling. I took my CV carb apart and put it back together about 15 times before i am finally happy with it. I ended up using the DJ kit.

    One thing i did learn... If you're stubborn (like i am) and do use the DJ jet kit. Use a smaller pilot jet (my bike didn't run right until i went with a 42 pilot) which is almost insane small for a big twin. I think it has to do with the taper of the needle i used (it was a D402 needle). But i'm very happy with the performance i have after finally getting it running right.

    Pilot - 42
    Main - 190

    MPG - 40-44

    I've never put it on the dyno, but i can tell you it runs a ton better than when i first got the bike. Huge amounts of helpful information from this site was my best assist.
    Being you're on a sportster you'll want smaller jets than i run, but you do have the same carb. But most ppl i know who run sportsters have a #42 pilot and around a 170 main. Instead of buying the jet kit. I'd open her up, see whats in there. Get your pilot jet set up first (which you may not need to change). Then move on to your main jet. They are usually fairly lean stock, and putting a free flowing exhaust will make it even leaner. Usually moving your main jet up a size or two, then shimming the needle will do the trick and give you the HP you're missing.
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    Once again Smitty is right on here. Unless you have already put the straight pipes on , slip ons would be a good choice. Straight pipes are or should be a thing of the past IMO, they are really only good for wo throttle I E drag racing

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    IF you insist on that open pipe, do this:
    Drill a clearance hole for a 5/16" bolt, about 2" from the end.(outlet)
    Now, using a 1 1/2" long, 5/16" bolt, stack as many 3/8" nuts on it as you can fit, then nut it with the 5/16" nut.
    NOW you can start to tune it, as the savage amount of reversion will be almost gone.:)
  9. prodrag1320

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    put mufflers back on it
  10. TQuentin1

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    I like straight pipes on my little bike which is just for roaring around on. There are some sacrifices, but you can compensate for them to some degree. Just depends on what you want to do. No right or wrong answer. I like my little bike LOUD!! Obnoxiously so.