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Stop Making the Deuce


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Does anyone know if Harley is going to stop producing the Softail Deuce. I heard that it was, but wanted to confirm it. I own a 2004 Softail Deuce and wanted to know.
It isn't in the 08 lineup but the rocker is the new selection in the softail family now. Maybe they replaced the Deuce with the rocker.
yup, the dealer here said that the factory's been having some problems with the rear fender on the I wonder if it will even look like the picture.
As for the deuce. It's not in the '08 line up and neither is the fxst, and the way Harley's been going lately it's hard to tell what '09 might bring.
Duffmiester, i rode through your area going to south padre. i'm from San Angelo. i'm gonna keep my deuce til it won't run anymore. love it. Have a 01 Fatboy too. Son is thinking it's his now.
I'm just curious to see if they get one on the showroom floor before the '09's come out.
My salesman told me that some years back the Duece replaced the Softail Custom and now the tables have turned. I have never owned either but like them both. Apparently the Duece sells great in some areas and not others.

Of course the salesman also told me that my 07 Wide Glide would be the last year it was made. I don't hold that against him and I would have bought it anyhow.

I went in for my 1K yesterday and this guy rolls in on a Duece. It really looked good all chromed out.