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Stop-light relay? '95 FLHTCUI


My brake-light just stopped working & of course it needs to pass inspection now!
I have checked the obvious:
-bulb is good.
-fuses & circuit-breakers all test good.

I've also tested a few other things:
-brake-switch makes contact when foot-brake is depressed.
-tried to test for voltage at that switch both seemed to have 12v+ on BOTH leads! ???
-looked for a relay that may be dead/stuck without success.

I just got my freshly purchased owner's manual but it didn't help; the section on fuses has zero detail. :( I haven't purchased my FSM yet so I don't have a good wiring diagram. I did find a couple on a site in France that seemed to show a relay inline but I can't find it.

Any suggestions?
Should be near the fuse panel, possibly a cover over it. Probably the contacts are burnt. Apply the brakes with the ignition on and listen for the click of the relay operating. You can hear them if they are working. If you look under the bike just in front of the rear wheel, you will find the rear brake light switch, with the ignition on you should have power on one of the wires. If you don't t, the problem is forward of this area. If you have power, the problem is between here and the tail light. Check the contacts in the light itself with a test light and then test to see if you have a good ground at the light. Either one missing will cause the light not to operate. If you have a running light working , the ground should be OK.

The rear brake light switch will have power on both terminals when the brake is applied when operating properly

Here's some diagrams.

Wiring Diagrams Online - Harley Davidson Community

The relay is a standard Bosch relay similar to this one but without the mounting tab and can be had in any auto parts store.

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listen for the click of the relay operating. You can hear them if they are working.

Here's some diagrams.

That's the problem....I don't hear anything so I'm thinking that may be it. Problem is I can't find it since I'm not sure where it is! Thanks for the link; I had found that forum & had already seen most of those sites! Nice to have in one place though. :worthy
You also may want to visualize the wiring harness under the back fender. It goes through an opening from under the seat in the battery area. They have been known for coming loose from the fasteners and rubbing through on the tire.
Well, the mystery is solved! The light wasn't getting voltage becasue of a bad relay AND the 12v+ on BOTH leads at the switch was caused by the small switch behind the hand-grip being stuck. Once we found the bad relay & replaced it, the brake-light was on all the time!

Anyway, the tech at the dealer was great; knowledgable & efficient. Did all that in 35 minutes so I was chanrged for the relay & 1/2 an hour shop-labor, $55 !!!

Of course, it needs a new front tire & pads on the front, so they found the bleeder screw was cross-threaded & I may be looking at having to replace the caliper! They also found a recall that hadn't been done so that ordered the parts & that'll be a no-cost deal. All in all, it's a lot more than I expected but could have been even worse!

Thanks for all your help guys!
Glad you got it all hooked up now. Sometimes things like this can take a while to figure out.