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    Ok here goes. I have a 2005 Electra Glide Standard EFI. I still have the stock exhaust on. The only mode was adding a K&N Air filter (Not any Stage 1 or anything like that), and a Cobra FI2000. The FI2000 is set up at stock settings. I was not looking for any performance or anything like that. She runs fine like she is. The stock pipes I have look a little rough in spots, and I was looking for pipes that looked in better condition.

    Well a friend of mine has a set of stock pipes of a 2006 Ultra Classic he has. The look alot better than mine, so he let me have them. Well I did notice a difference in the pipes.

    There pipes are the 2006 Stock exhaust installed.

    These are the Stock 2005 Exhaust that came with my EGS.

    I notice that the baffles on the stock 2005 pipes are set more foward, and the 2006 stock baffles are set more towards the back. Some one told me that because the difference in baffles was the 2006 stock exhaust had a cadalitic converter built into the pipes, were the stock 2005 exhaust did not have the converter in them.

    For sure I did notice that the bike is more quite running, and seems to me to have more getup and go with the 2006 stock pipes vs the 2005 stock pipes.

    My question is should I be using the 2006 pipes at all? Is the bad for the engine? Am I just making more back pressure than what then engine needs? Should I go back to the stock 2005 exhaust?

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