Stock Air Filter Element Replacement

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kzoo, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. kzoo

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    I have an 04 Heritage EFI with Screaming Eagle 2 pipes and stock air cleaner. If I simply replace the stock HD air cleaner element with lets say a KN stock replacement, will it require a tune, or is that only if I install the stage 1 AC backing plate etc.

    Just want to take care of the bike the best way possible and have always been a stickler for using a better than stock Air Cleaner element....
  2. Jack Klarich

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    You can use a K N air filter any time tho more fuel will not hurt K Oil Filters get your part number here then check at Pep boys or advanced Auto with the part number

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Jack has you covered regarding the most common performance air filter element replacement. They are much "stiffer" in construction so high intake air flow will not collapse the reusable, cleanable reoiled element, typically $60 or so, but well worth the price of admission. :s
  4. eleft36

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    The stock "Air Cleaner element" us the best "air cleaner".

    Unless you are racing or cruising at 5 or 6000 rpm it does not restrict the needed cubic feet of air on a stock cubic inch Harley.

    Change it when light is not visible through the filter material, for $24 it's the best and cleanest bang for the buck.