Still Lacking power or is it?

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    Ok, here is the scenario. Im 345lbs., wife is 145lbs., bike is a 2009 Ultra, has SE stage 1 A/C, Rineharts 3 1/2" SO's, V&H fuel pak. Its a dog, especially at high interstate speeds. 70mph and a hill it does mantain speed, but wont gain any. Roll the throttle about half way seems to do ok, any more throttle does nothing but bog it. My buddy's have the same bike but with shorter windshields, they are lighter, and I can barely and sometimes not keep up with them up hills at highways speeds, but when on twisties, and 5th gear down and 3000rpm's up I can outrun them. Am I expecting too much in 6th for my situation, or is the setup wrong for 2000 to 3000rpm's? Im on a tight budget, so Im thinkin instead of cams right now, goin with a 2 into 1 exhaust, beginning to fall in love with them, and get a sest tuner and dyno. Any opinions would be appreciated.

    Also, goin to ask, should I check fuel filter, 10,000 miles on it, and have the fuel pressure checked?
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    Simple solution,downshift to 5th. on hills or when you want to accelerate at a more rapid pace.
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    I agree to a point, sorta. Example, yesterday, my buddy has a ultra with 96" and rinehart slipons, he never downshifted and out pulled me I couldn't keep up, reckon the weight difference is enough to cause it. Im paronoid, lol. Also I hate not havin the fastest, HAHA. I took the A/C off and put the stoclk one back on, it is smoother without the fuel pak at slow speeds, but does feel like the midrange doesn't pull as hard. Maybe I need to come to terms with me being big and heavy. LOL
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    Amen brother.
    Like me loose weight.
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    Weight and horsepower/torque go hand in hand. The rule is for every 7 pounds of weight that is dropped the engine responds as if it has gained 1 horsepower. So if your riding buddy is 70 or 80 lbs lighter he has an additional 10 horsepower on you. Use the transmission as your friend and downshift to get the acceleration your looking for. 6th gear is like an overdrive and is fine for maintaining speed but if you want to get up and move drop a gear or two, you won't be doing any damage to the motor or trans. Your bike can and will run fine in the 3500-4000rpm range.
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    Don't waste your money on a SERT and a dyno until you put in the cams IMO. I use the HD SE255 cams in my bike and it is a good low end torque cam which is design for the heavier touring models and 2up riding conditions. The V&H fuelpak should work well for you and you can use that for a dyno tune, I run the SERT and it does a real good job as far as I am concerned so I would recommend the SERT. The 2 into 1 exhaust will not give you that much more bang for your buck so if your funds are limited I would just get a good low torque cam and a dyno tune (more bang for the buck) this will get your rear wheel torque numbers up into the mid 90 lbs area which is a big improvement.

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    My Bike= 96" FLHR (King) changes made;

    SE 255 Cams, Slip-Onexhaust (i use V&H both Full Mufflers Not the can on the left side), TFI or Gen 3. by Dobeck products and Members here get a BIG 50$ off and free shipping.
    (CALL the order in to Chris and use HDT member to save $$) A great fueler and cost $$ less and Easy to install (do it your self)..

    I would FIRST get a TFI or Gen3 from Dobecks. Try that on your bike First... This Helped my bike to run Better/COOLER when it was fully STOCK off the show room floor. I did notice a BIG difference JUST using the TFI FIRST with NO other Mods....:D

    Read all the good stuff about the TFI and Gen3 before you spend More $$... on things you MIGHT not need right now...

    IF I compare WEIGHT and Power with You and Your bike. You weight alone is right where My wife and I combined are. BELIEVE ME it is Not your bike.
    Power IS there as you described your running against the other bike...
    JUST Drop the gears down when you increase Fast and the bike will be fine.

    Changes Like on My bike above WILL make a BIG difference for you. BUT try simple First= TFI

    The TFI is easy enough to install and COMES set for your bike. Usually only a slight adjustment is needed after installed maybe None will be needed ...:D

    Call Dobecks and get the TFI ball rolling. 877-764-3337 ask for Chris and mention you are a HDT member for the savings.

    They WILL talk to you EVEN IF you don't not order a TFI.. Best product support around. They have a Monitor page here on HDT to answer Most questions you have IF we don't answer them FIRST...:lolrolling

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    Thanks to all that replied, I am calmed down now and realized a few things that caused some power loss. I goofed on the oil change and put 4 quarts in, soaked my airfilter with oil. And Im heavy, LOL.
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    Thanks Rubyred this is a great tool to use when planning a ride. Don