Still in the saddle at 75 - what it takes to get here

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    When I bought my first motorcycle, a little moped, in 1962, never did I think I'd still be riding bikes, or perhaps even be living, at 75. Over the years I've bought 15 motorcycles. The Harleys have been one Sportster, two Dyna Supersports, and now riding a Softail Fatboy. In between I've ridden dirt bikes, Hondas, Yamahas, and Susukies.

    Since 2012, I've had several medical issues I thought might cause me to stop riding. Both left and right shoulder rotator cuff surgeries, hand surgery, gall bladder removal, and a few days ago left foot big toe joint implant surgery. Sitting here in my chair with foot on table and keyboard in lap - but it works.

    This Fatboy will have to be my last bike, however. Legs are not what they used to be, and that bike is heavy. I no longer carry passengers, and I miss that.

    What made me think of writing this was a forum article I read about riding bikes being dangerous. They can be, if you do not respect them. As most of know the real danger comes from automobiles running you over at intersections, from both the rear and the sides. I seldom ride in town anymore - but you have to get out of town so one cannot avoid it entirely.

    In 51 years I've only gone down one time on a bike, that was due to a rusty nail picked up in the rear tube type tire. Tubed tires will get you killed if you are unfortunate enough pick up a nail - immediate deflation in most cases. I've not ridden with tubes since that accident.

    Since my 50s, every bike I've sold, I'd declare that was the last one - then go out a few months late and buy another. I guess it just gets in your blood. There is nothing like being out on the open road. I hope to ride until I'm at least 80, unless the old body continues to prevent it. This foot surgery should heal in about three weeks - I plan to be back out there. Maybe I'll see you on the road - you can wave at the old guy on the Harley!
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    All I can say is thanks for sharing... What encouragement for those at a younger age that wants to hang their helmet up. Best to you, and may you be able to ride till 85......... Then maybe a trike.......:s
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    Congratulations to you, hoping you can stay in the wind for many more years to come. Thanks for sharing that intersting story:s
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    I just turned 66 and I'm probably in the best shape of my life. OK, I've had to make some major life style changes, but what the heck? I plan on riding for the foreseeable future and hope that you do to. Diet, exercise , regular doctor's visit's are all part of my life and I would encourage everyone to do likewise. Thanks to medicine we are all living longer these days; we just need to do our part. Here's to all of us old guys!
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    Great story, thanks for sharing. I hope to ride that long. I wish you many more years of safe riding.
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    Thanks for shring that. Wishing you the best of luck and keep the shiny side up.
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    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading many more of your posts.
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    Good for you mate,i'm not far behind you and god willing I will ride until the old guy in the sky takes me. You have to have a purpose in life and what better than to ride free on a Harley. Keep riding bro and thanks for the story. Rod
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    Great that you posted your story, thanks! I'm going on 62 so that's 13 years to catch you, I hope we will both be riding then!
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    good for you, I'll be 74 this coming July been riding since 1958, done about everything you can do on a motorcycles, drag racing, flat tracking, long distance trips, ridden in all kinds of weather including snow 03 I hit a deer, screwed up my lower back so I can only ride a bagger now,.I sincerely hope you you have enjoyed your life as much as I have..ride on guy, ride on:ap:bigsmiley12: