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Steering Head Clunk

All softails except springers. Before you do anything, re torque the steering head bolt to specs which should take care of the clunk.
They upped the spec on this a while back, I use 70 FT LBS and it eliminates the clunk. Check your manual first to be sure they haven't changed it again. I believe they went to 100 FT LBS but I think that is a bit excessive and approaches the shear strength of the bolt too closely. That's why I went with 70, It used to be 40 FT LBS.
Mr. Data is right I had this same problem with my softail standard the dealer replaced the washer kit and re-torqued to 70 ft, pounds and havent heard the clunk again , there is a service bullitin on this very same problem
Ok guys here's what I just did and I hope I've not harmed anything. I have a flstc '09 that has been driving me nuts with this clunk every time I hit a bump. Sounded like a dump truck hitting the railroad tracks. After reading these inputs I took the cover off the center bolt and set up my torque wrench for 70 f/lbs and of course the socket was too big to fit under the handlebars. So out of curiosity I put a wrench on it to see just how loose or tight it was. It took no effort on my part at all to tighten this nut! I tightened it by hand just until it started to take effort then stopped.Didn't want to over do anything. I turned the bars back and forth several times and all was well. I'm nervous about if what I did will have harmed anything. If I wanted to loosen it back up it's not tight enough to require much effort on my part to do. Will I be okay until I have a dealer check it this week????
After installing a Progressive lowering kit in my front forks my front end has been banging like crazy. I know I did the job right so I have been researching for the cause, and may have found it here.

My steering head nut was barely 15 ft lbs tight. I tightened it to 70 and will see how things go tomorrow.