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    I have always hanckered after a wide glide but am not to keen om the 2010 model. If one were to use a superglide with different triple trees i believe you would get the same rake but how would the handling be compared to an altered frame. I appreciate there is a difference in tyres. thanks.
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    I have tried to understand the relationship between rake and trail and just cannot get my arms around it. I saw a drawing once that explained it pretty good but I cannot recall any specifics. I believe it showed a line down the neck and the relation to where the tire met the ground.

    I have read that the Wide Glide has the bigger front wheel and wider forks to compensate for the extra rake angle. I suppose you could do it some other way but doing it by trial and error could get expensive.

    I love my WG but I would imagine a Super Glide would handle better if being aggresive in the turns is what you are after.

    I imagine Hobit will chime in. He owns or has owned about every type of Harley there is and I think it is safe to say he rides pretty aggresive.

    Good luck.
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    Here's a simple pic. of the relationship.

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    Nice diagram, and as you can see extending that front fork will mean the steering head angle/frame mod should be done carefully or "flop" may be not be the "only" problem with handling you will run into. Better to stick with custom framer or designs already thought out...!
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    The Super Glides have a total of 29 degrees of rake, 29 degrees in the neck and 0 degrees in the trees. Wide Glides have total of 36 degrees rake, 34 degrees in the neck and 2 degrees in the trees.

    Using Wide Glide trees on a Super Glide is doable, but can get expensive when you consider the cost of new trees, sliders, wheel, axle, and spacers.....all for 2 degrees more rake.

    Accutronix offers mid glide trees with added rake. I believe even these run $500 plus.