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I have a 1987 FLT that is not charging. I performed a continuity test on the stator (pin to ground)and it shows the stator is bad. However, when I check for a/c current with bike running, I get 22volts at 1000 rpm, and 40 at 2000 and so on. I am confused about this .. Any thoughts?
Have you checked the pins on the regulator plug disconnected for signs of any voltage yet? If you show voltage there, replace the regulator because a diode is bad therein.

If you are showing any substantial circuit at all to ground, it may be taking a dump on you and still carry a load when tested but a grounded stator will eventually let you down. It shouldn't show any circuit to ground when operating properly. Also smell the primary oil to see if it smells burnt.

Here's a more detailed way of testing the charging system.
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