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    i had a compensator nut come loose and it tore up the rotor. anyway i got a new one installed it. went out for a test ride and noticed at a certain rpm i got vibrations. now im looking at the old rotor and its balanced i see drill marks.(this is how i know) the new one is not balanced .....
    so question is how do i balance it.
    any of you guys get your balanced.......
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    Not balanced? Is it from HD? Pretty sure all of them are balanced before they ship them. It may just be that the rotor did not need any trimming.


  3. ciscokid

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    yup its from hd and its not balanced cause i can feel it through the frame when i ride. did not have that vibe before with the bad one....
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    I have experience the changes in vibrations. I had a compensator come loose also. Installed a new rotor (was sold the wrong one), it was larger diameter and wouldn't charge. It was also the smoothest my bike had ever been. With the a new correct rotor I felt vibrations that were different than before. I recently rebuilt the entire motor and replaced the complete charging system with a later model 3 phase system with a rebuilt trued and balanced crankshaft and I feel I had/have different vibrations than before. I also replaced the spacer behind the rotor and the thrust washer as they had also been damaged when the compensator nut came loose ( didn't know it at he time till I realized I was leaking engine oil into the primary ). The Compensator components may have worn some also. I am not knowing what kind of clearances are normal for the sprocket and the Shaft extension but, there is not normally much travel between the two parts untill they start coming loose. The looser it gets the more travel and possible wear. How Many miles on the bike? Has any work been done in the primary prior to the compensator nut coming loose? Any idea how long the Nut had been coming loose. Had to be alot of miles to damage the rotor. Mine had somewhere around 20-25K miles. I didn't know some of the signs like the knocking and the ever increasing rough idle and almost violent shaking of the engine and fairing. Anyway lets see what we all can figure out about you ride. ok
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    Maybe Bubbie can shed some light on this. He seems to know a lot about the internal workings of these motors.
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    im at 31000 miles . i took it back apart , now got to find a way to get it balanced.
    maybe go to a electric motor shop here close by. i just know it needs to be balanced.
    (red bearing type locktite is tough stuff) WOW that was real hard to remove that nut.

    well got the one from ronnies insatalled it that thing was so out of balance not even funny. went down to local inde here the one that didnt screw me over... bought one from them first i made them open it up and make darn sure it was balnced. got it home installed that one , took her out for test ride BAM no mo vibes . amazing when you get stuff that is right. im done ordering crap from that dude .... now i have a rotor for sale cheap. needs balanced .....nice and smooth now i like it........
    IF you ever get one installed I HIGHLY recomend you look at it before any body installs it. make sure its balanced.. no drill marks , not balanced
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