State Legislatures Okaying Speed Traps

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    With the economy sinking more and more every day. The state legislatures have to find more money. Florida is talking about higher traffic tickets, ambulance fees and many more unheard of highway robbery schemes. Other states and municipalites are going to resort to making the money with extra fees, fines, more expensive services and out right higher taxs. It is coming folks so be ready for it. Fossil
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    Welcome to Washington State home of the Speed Trap. Lurking sneaking and hiding to get your dollars.
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    It's called profiling Smitty and it does happen even thou the PD says they don't do it. :newsmile045: Just like the quota system for tickets.

    We have an area here where the speed limit is 35 MPH and when you go through the next town over it suddenly drops to 20 MPH and they sit right there all day handing out tickets. Not fair IMO and they should do something to correct this.
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    Sounds like you have a problem with taxes in Florida... Did you vote "YES" on amendement 1? If so, I hope you're enjoying your tax breaks. You left out a couple fact in your "out right higher tax" statement. Admendment 1, lower property tax income, lower fuel tax income and lower tourist tax income are just a few.... All of these are causing local goverments and school districts to look for ways to generate money. For the schools... Well, let the parents pay the difference... As for the increase on traffic tickets, don't speed or commit any traffic violations..

    But overall I think higher tickets are a good thing. It may actually get some of these idiots drivers to slow down. I live in a neighborhood that has a 35 mph speed limit on the main entrance road...

    It's an everyday occurance to have people doing 50 mph. There are houses on this road. Many with young kids... I just wish we had more enforcement... We also have a problem in my area with people not stopping for school buses, speeding in school zones and not giving way to emergency vehicles.

    I looking forward to the redlight cameras in my area... I had a guy run 2 red lights and total my truck a few years ago.. A kid ran a redlight last night and I all most hit him.. If I hadn't seen him coming up to the light and hit the brakes (ABS is a great thing!) I would have T-boned him... And on top of running the light, he was well over the speed limit.

    Speeders and redlight runner hurt a lot of folks... Be they in a car or on a bike... More enforcement is a good thing... Paying more money is a good thing... I think $500 for running a redlight sounds fair.... $250 for 10 mph over the speed limit is fair also... You can still speed and run redlights, if you want, you just have to be willing to pay for it.
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    Here they like to sit right where the posted speed drops from 50mph to 30 giving them at least a 20 over ticket which is about $150. and 3 demerit points on your liscence:(
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    I don't mind speed enforcement. My problem lies in speed limits. 45mph on a 4 lane in very good condition, no houses or anything around. About 5 miles of that before you get to civilization. Red light runners, yep through the book at them. Yellow lights, like 2-3 seconds. I got a problem with that. At 35mph and about 50 feet from a light and it goes yellow for 2 seconds. Well, if you speed up cause you can't stop at the proper line, you're speeding. If you do try to stop, you might end up in the middle of the intersection. I don't like quick yellow lights.
    I also don't like "perception". A cop feels you done wrong. You go to court and you're gonna lose. But, that is also something everyone has been fighting a long time.
    All that said, I like the police. Just not all of them.
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  7. Romain

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    I think that a certain amount of disciplined enforcement is necessary, thanks to an idiotic minority and speed cameras are as good a way as any. (I never thought I would say that!)
    Unfortunately there are too many cameras, as pointed out that are installed and used as a way to boost the coffers of the authorities.
    My main bugbear however is that if the fine issued is a form of punishment, the punishment should hurt everyone the same, and NOT a fixed penalty where a guy trying to make ends meet pays the same amount as a driver in a $100'000 + vehicle.
    As far as I am aware, in some scandinavian countries the level of the fine is related to the income of the offender and I can only agree with them.
  8. Mattman4403

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    there is a small suburb in the Cleveland metro area that gets something like 90% of their anaual budget from tickets written on the interstate. Really interesting thing this burg is so small , they do not have an entrance ramp onto the highway. There is always one or two cops sitting under the bridge and they write ticktes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Everyone else has had budget cuts and they will find a way to get the money. Tickets are just too easy for them. i am guessing that that 5 to 10 miles over on the interstate is going to be dialed down a bit next summer so i am going to be using that cruise control a bit more.
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    A radar detector will help avoid (detect) speed traps. I have used one for years and have saved myself several tickets. More than enough to pay for the detector several times over. That was one of the first things I put on my Ultra last year when I bought it.
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    One sure way to avoid speeding tickets is to NOT speed. I decided a long time ago that fines and insurance surcharges are a huge waste of money and dialed back on my speed. A huge benefit of this attitude is an accident-free and violation-free drivng record for well over 20 years. (Knock on wood)

    As I am writing this in my home, located in a thickly settled suburban neighborhood, I believe I found a perfect spot for a speed trap. I can see minivans speeding down my street because they are all in a hurry. The drivers seem totally unaware of kids playing in their driveways and people walking along the street.