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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by kedoba, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I have a '93 FLHS and I have over that last couple years had starting problems. It goes away and is good for months before returning. Last year I put in a new battery (not really believing that was the problem). This winter I installed a new start switch. Last week it wouldn't start and I tapped the solenoid and it started. I ordered a starter and installed it yesterday and after it was mounted and hooked up I thought I'd try it to make sure it would work. It would only extend the pinion gear but would not engage or spin. Thinking that maybe the starter relay might be a problem I went and got one but still had the same problem. I pulled the starter and and just visually check the wiring and reinstalled it and it then worked properly and engaged. I checked it again after the primary cover was installed and it still engaged and spun. Then after getting the bike all back together it only would push the pinion out and would not engage. In my mind there must be a bad wire or connection. Where should I start to look? I'm going to check all the wires in and out of the relay. Any other suggestions? Sorry for being so long but wanted to list all the details.
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    Maybe the jack shaft is going bad have a look at this new design
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    When you had the primary cover off did you check the counter sprocket nut to make sure it's tight? I've seen them come loose then the entire assembly slides down the shaft, when the bike is on the stand, putting the primary in a bind.
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    "Engaged" to me is when the teeth of the pinion are meshed with the ring gear teeth.
    If the pinion pushed out, then it must be engaged. Do you mean the pinion is engaged but does not spin.

    When you replaced the "starter", was it complete with a new starter solenoid?
    Or was it actually only the starter.
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    If you have not got the problem resolved I would be looking at the jack shaft for mis alignment, and have a look at the ALL bAlls shaft in post 2 it is a better design and less chance of mis alignment
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    Like a starter clutch. First check your grounds. are you running a double ground?