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Starting problem


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i am having trouble with the security system on my ultra. the system is not working at all, the turn signals are not working at all either, the starter button is not working and when i turn on the ignition the little light on the left side of the speedometer does not come on at all. can anyone help?:bigsmiley29:
fuses have been checked....this started as a result of replacing idle and throttle cable. i know this can't be as bad as i'm making it...but when i put this all back together the starter button wouldn't work, and the two blown fuses i replaced haven't blown anymore, and still no start! also, no turn signals. think problem is with security system, but not sure.
The signals could be associated with the TSSM (security) but being you had the switch housings opened up, and blown fuses too, I would suspect a wire pinched in the housing.
Wires that heve been pinched might now be loose but are they now snapped and just the insulation holding them together? A pinched wire would sure account for the fuses being blown.