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Starting problem



The other day my 92 xl 1200 wouldn't start. It just made a clicking sound. I put a new battery in . It still is making the clicking sound only louder. I was told that it was probably the starter relay. Does this sound right? If so how hard is it to change? My mechanical skills are average.

Check to see of the battery cables are broken or not. my positive just broke. i had clicking too. hopefully this will fix my prob and your problem..

the same problem happen to my only 2 weeks old 04 sportster. It has 1300 miles, and I have only ride it couple of times.

Just out of the sudden, it wouldn't start, it shouldn't be the battery problem cuase the turn signal and the light are on, just when I tried to start the enginge, I can only hear the clicking 'ta ta ta..' sound, I even replace the Spark Plug, but it wouldn't help.
Cant say I've had to deal with any wire issues... but from cage tinkering...would it be possible to "jumper" in a cable between the solinoid and starter to check the main cable?

ok....i finally found the problem Listening to the Harley tech (which i am slowly learning not to) i replaced the starter relay.while i was at harley i also picked up the service manual(figured it couldn't hurt). After replacing the starter relay and inspecting the battery cables, still the same thing. So i sent my friend back to my house for my multi tester so i could follow the test in the manual.While he was gone i was looking around to see where i would be testing and came a cross a wire which appeared to be burnt coming from the relay going to the starter. I made a quick fix to see if that would fix the problem and sure enough it fired right up. We finished up the day with a nice long ride.

You probably already did this, but take a close look at the wire and try to determine HOW it got burnt. If it burned on a hot surface, then you are probably okay to just replace it, secure it out of the way, and go riding. On the other hand, if it burned because of electrical resistance, you may find yourself on the roadside.
yess me too, just out of the blue....went on a all day run and at the end it wouldn't i installed a new battery, that didnt work, installed a new voltage regulator, that didnt work so i took it into harley they said it was the stator....had them replace the stator then it ran fine for 1 week, then today same thing all over. now i notice my lights were dim this last time before it died again