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    2007 Ultra. Has anyone had a problem with the Solenoid/Starter getting hot and not allowing bike to start until it cools down??

    I've been running down this problem for awhile now and I am down to the Solenoid I have replaced all electric components including the Start/Stop Switch. I Just replaced the wire connection to the Solenoid so everything electric is new.

    The bike runs fine but it take a spell where it does not want to start once it's shut down with no rime or reason. I generally can wiggle the Solenoid wire and it will start. Now the last time it did this I tried to Jump it from the Hot wire to the Solenoid connection and had nothing. Checked Hot wire and it had juice but the bike would not turn over. I get it started by pushing it. About an hour later or so after it has cooled down it started right up no problem. I guess anything is possible but was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the Starter/Solenoid getting hot and not allowing the bike to start. Before I pull the Starter/Solenoid and have it rebuilt I was wondering if there is something simple I may have not tried. Gotta love those Harley's. Thanks for any comments.
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    Make sure all the connections at the starter are clean and tight, check that the starter mounting bolts are tight, it is possible you have a bad solenoid, tho I would check for a voltage drop first:s
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    Does the clip on the solenoid wire slip on and off easily? If so, you might squeeze it with pliers while it is off the solenoid. Sure sounds like a heat related loss of good electrical contact. Might even clean and tighten both battery cables.