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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by retiredguy, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. retiredguy

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    Hello. I'd like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on starting my Road Glide after sitting for a month or more. The bike has fuel injection so it wants to start immediately. A couple of times I've heard a knocking for just a few seconds but it's annoying. Looking for ideas how to crank it without it starting so fast. Where is the Kick Starter when you need it?
    Thanks for your opinions. Chris
  2. Chopper

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    When I do cams I always crank the engine over with the plugs removed, just to build oil pressure, but that or removing the ECM fuse would through trouble codes and is way too much trouble. I would use good high octane fuel when storing with a fuel additive but when ever you start a EFI bike the crank sensor has to send info to ECM and sometimes takes a few. I too miss the kick starters, they did come in handy for more then just starting.
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    Hey retiredguy. I lived in Concord back in the 80's and graduated from Clayton Valley HS in '87. But moved to FL in 1990.

    I agree with Chopper on the good fuel and even Stabil. I'd make sure your oil wasn't at the end of it's life.

    Other than that, not too much experience putting a bike up for a month or longer as FL you ride year round.

    Ride safe and have fun.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    HERE IS THE BORING QUESTION i ALWAYS ask: showing your bike a 2000

    IS your bike a FIRST HALF YEAR BIKE (2000) look at Date on the neck of bike, IF BUILD DATE IS after(later) I SAY AFTER dec.15,1999 YOU are SAFE of the CAM BEARING PROBLEM as the second 1/2 year run had the NEWER style ROLLER that replaced the TROUBLED BALL style bearing........

    THE noise you say is a KNOCK,,,,,,,, I would HOPE it to be VALVE LIFTER NOISE(normal)....... IF A CRANK-ROD when starting BAD NEWS.....

    I had a KNOCK(different sound than lifter)(but hard to differentiate) ever so LIGHT while starting, until oil pumped up, in my 2000 dyna years ago but can still hear it today in my mind A BAD SOUND.......

    NOT valve noise BUT yes it was a CRANK ROD BEARING GOING OUT....

    Even a good mechanic MAY have a problem TELLING the crank-rod noise at first BUT it gets LOUDER SOON...... USUALLY upon a HARD pull in low(opened up), IT WILL CLICK-NOCK.... then disappear when letting OFF the throttle..
    ****************** ********** *****************
    MORE THAN LIKELY your noise is in a LIFTER that has BLED DOWN.... YOURS may be a WEAK lifter LOOSING TOO MUCH oil under pressure of the valve while parked for a time... and taking it's time to pump up when started cold.....

    DOES THE NOISE HAPPEN AFTER WARMED-UP..... IF started later while warm after a Hour or so????

    YOU MUST ALSO be told(if you haven't heard) that the 99 thru 06 TC motors DIDN'T have the best OIL PUMP nor the SPRING SHOE TENSIONERS were POORLY designed ALSO... ANOTHER WHOLE CAN OF WORMS.... YOU can LOOK and READ a lot about it on this site....

    There are GOOD KITS (HD sells one 429.99) that converts to the newer style improvements on todays NEWER bikes, 07 thru 2010 have these improvements... LOTS OF PARTS FOR THE MONEY and makes the OLD style TC updated to a VERY MUCH NEEDED BETTER ONE


  5. ron1978

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    hey bubbie, i asked the local delaership about the cam bearing problem and the man replied to me it was only a issue in the dyna models, not softail or others, i thought it was in anything that was 1999 or 2000, but he may be wrong his self.
    just thought i'd ask.
  6. Chopper

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    In 1999 softails were still EVO's, the dyna & touring models were the first twin cams, Harleys learnning experience, kinda like the dyna in 06.