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Start training class tonight


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Abate in Indiana is starting their training classes this weekend. I got signed up for the first weekend which is this weekend. We go tonight from 6 to 10pm, and then 8am to 6pm tomorrow and 8am to 4pm on Sunday. Saturday shouldn't be too bad, but this evening is going to be a bit cool and Sunday thunderstorms are likely. I may get some riding experience in the rain after all sooner than I expected:bigsmiley21:!

Riding around on those 250cc bikes they supply for the training is going to be weird for me now that I am used to my 800 pound Ultra. I can't imagine how funny it is going to look with my 250 pound, 6',1" body on a little 250cc.:lolrolling
Really tired tonight. Last night was all classroom stuff. Second day of classes and it wears you out. Got up a 6:00am to be there at 7:30. We drove around the parking lot doing different exercises almost all day. It started off cold 30 F, but warmed up to about 50 F. We were only in the classroom for a couple hours. Finished at 6:00pm. Tomorrow we start again at 7:30am but may get done about 2:00pm. 60 percent chance of rain though, so they told us to bring our rainsuits.:bigsmiley21:

The class had 24 students. They put half on 250cc bikes and the other half were on 175 cc. I jumped on a 250! The four instructors were a lot of fun but were very professional. I would say that the best thing I learned so far was to look through the turns more by turning my head more towards where I was going to go and keep my head and eyes up. It really helps going through tight turns at slow speeds. When doing a U-turn we were looking back over our shoulders just as we were about to start the turn. It has to do with the idea that you will naturally make the bike go where you are looking.

Hope the rain holds off for tomorrow!:bigsmiley5:
Hang in there Ozoneman... you'll look back on this soon and realize it was "nothin' but a thing". Rain or shine, you're going to do great. :s
I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors, just keep your head in gear and think before you act, you should do well.:s