Start Thinking About Keeping Warm

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    Almost time again. Time to start thinking about keeping warm as the temperatures go down.

    Last year I used Chaps and Leathers, then switched to "insulated overpants" and added chemical heaters to my gloves and boots. All with mixed success.

    This year I'm thinking of going all the way with the HD electrically heated gloves, pants and vest. I have the gloves and added the harness to the battery. Manual says that if I use all three pieces I need to consitently run at 3,000 rpms or use the turn off switch I installed.

    My question is....has anyone actually used the heated clothes, and if so, did they last? I intend to ride this year, again, to work every day that the temp is above 35 degrees and there is no snow on the ground. Here in Central Indiana that is about 75% of the time during winter.

    What say yea guys and gals? and please don't call me a wimp, I just have sensitive skin:):bigsmiley11:

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    Yeah ! Me to..I also have sensitive skin. I use the heated gloves and vest...when my wife is with me on those sensitive skin kinda days she has a vest, pants, and socks all heated gear ( electrical)...never a problem with the equipment ...I do wear insulated socks that I found at Bass Pro..10 bucks they are great....I haven't rode in weather Smitty has rode in ...but the coldest we ever rode was 17 F... Oh yeah we did also have face mask and shields...kinda had a froze smile for a while...but it defrosted after awhile.:D <<< looked kinda like that!
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    Being a Canadian, cold weather riding is part of the game unless you want to look at your motorcycle sitting in the garage for six months of the year....

    Here is a simple explanation of the effects of hypothermia. It is very easy for a wet, cold motorcylist to become hypothermic because the constant air movement will sap your body heat faster than the body can produce it.

    Typically when the body gets cold, the body will reduce blood flow to the extremities as the body attempts to maintain proper body temperature in the core (torso area and head where the vital organs and brain are located). This is why your hands and feet always seem to freeze first. With the electric vest, I find my entire body stays more comfortable because as long as my torso stays warm, warm blood continues to circulate throughout the rest of the body.

    I have an electric vest which I always carry in the saddlebags just in case. They cost about $120.00 here in British Columbia which is pretty reasonable considering the difference they make in comfort. Even on days that are damp or just a little cool, the electric vest really makes the whole riding experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. I dont have a thermostat on mine but can adjust the temperature easily by opening up my jacket if I get too warm.

    I should probably buy shares in the company that makes them because pretty much all of my riding buddies have them now as well. If you haven't got one, get one. My Harley even came with a power outlet for mine but if you dont have that, they only take about five minutes to wire in to your battery. As for the heated gloves, I haven't tried those yet but I might just add them to my Xmas wish list!
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    Boy, I hate to rub it in :p but we don't have to worry about that down here for several more months!
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    The only thing white in Florida's panhandle is the sand. The down side of our "winter" is no bikinis. Fossil
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    Good Idea to check on the warm gear as I usually ride all winter. I just checked out the operation of my heated grips only to find out they are not working. They worked great all last winter and spring. I have heard that these HD heated grips I had installed don't last long. I was hoping it wasn't true. I will have to check the obvious stuff like wiring and fuses before I take it to dealer as they were put on when I bought the bike and are covered by warranty. Heated grips are nice but really only good to about 30 degrees, below that I use the heated gloves or put on the hippo hands. ( they are weird looking but they work)

    Oh and Smitty's right about the order
    1 Gloves
    2 heated jacket liner or Vest
    3 lowers

    I use Heated Grips, Gloves and Heated Jacket Liner. I have not found anything I like in regards to bottoms except for the flannel lined jeans I wear with Long John's Underneath. This setup seems to work well and the heat from the 08 motor is nice when it's cold out. :D No heat complaints in winter:D
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    Hmmm heated gloves and vest. I guess I am just use to toughing it out. Chaps long sleeves, and leather. Will probably add lowers this year
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    Was thinking about a pair of chaps, not too fond of them, but read enough good things about the protection they provide, not to mention how cold my legs were last week on the ride into work. Any recommendations? I was thinking about, since I love the deerskin gauntlets I got from them. Although when I was looking at the jackets, the ones I liked were pricey, any other thoughts on places?
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    If you were in the area I would say Gibraltar Trade Center. Guy there that does all kinds of leathers and decent prices. On line I iwll ask around for ya.