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    I have a question for you racer types. I want to learn how to do a "hard launch" on my Sporty 1200C. Stock bike, stock tires. Years ago when I rode "Eastern" models you had to be very careful about the nose coming up and possibly over. I've noticed a few times when I get on the Sporty it will leave a little patch and a squeal. I'm not used to that. If I try to do a serious (drag racing) launch will the bike just spin or is the "front end up" thing still a possibility? Just wanna know in case I get the urge to show some Filberts. :D
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    Hard or standing start launches are a matter of initial clutch modulation, until your moving and ready to shift, and bike control. The rider is most of the determining factor if the front end is going to leave the ground (on a sporty). Body postion is a big factor. Weight to the rear, more chance of the front coming up. Weight forward less chance of the front coming up, but more of a chance the rear tire will spin up.

    It's just a matter of practice and some extra money for clutches... I can launch any of my Harleys (except the MV) hard and not worry about the front end coming up. My sport bikes are another story...