Stainless nut and bolt kit

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by English Mike, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. English Mike

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    Just purchased a s/s kit to replace every nut and bolt on the HD. If I do one at a time checking torque settings and use threadlock, is there anything else anyone can think of that I need to do?


  2. leapfreak

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    Mike - Just be careful with them. I bought a stainless steel grill on Saturday thinking, "Wow - stainless steel - will last forever and look great all the time." HA!!! Was I surprised when reading the accompanying owners manual that stainless steel will rust. It's because of oxidation. So looks like you will need to keep an eye on them for any indications of rust. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  3. HarleyHarry

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    There is a reason they call it stainless steel it stains "less" than other types of steel.
    All depends on the amout of chrome and nickel.
    The better stainless steels however will not rust. With respect to your grill, be carefull that you mount it using S/S screws.
  4. glider

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    I agree with Harley Harry. There are different grades of stainless. If you ever notice in the marine enviroment that some of the cheaper brand boats have this problem while other "top of the line" brands do not show any signs of rust.

    English Mike

    Make sure you use the proper torque on those bolts when you install them to prevent warpage of the covers. The stailess bolts are a nice addition and keep their new look unlike the chrome counterparts that show signs of rust/corrosion in the socket head bolts after some time.
    Also make sure to verify the proper replacement bolt as far as length. There are a few that are "close" but could end up pulling out some threads.
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