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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by skcm2006, May 26, 2010.

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    I have been reading on this forum about Stage One (pipes, Tuners, and Air). And I thought for $1,200 that the dealership was quoting me was it really worth it? So I talked to the dealership again and I decided to make the leap - I put on Screaming Eagles, the SERT and the Stage One air filter.

    I took it easy on the short ride home and I really didn't notice too much difference because I also took it in for the 5K service and I wanted to go over the bike before romping on her. I did the TCLOCKs, looked at the new tire, checked all the fluids and did a wheel to wheel inspection.... all looked great. So this morning I went to work and got on a stretch and romped on it - OMG! Who woke up my sleeping pony! It had a LOT more giddy up and go. I could not believe it. I when I got into town I found that below 10mpg I did not have to feather as much and felt no sluggishness at all. :D

    So was it worth the $1200 - every penny - like many said before - I wish I had done it sooner!

    BTW, the pipes are the perfect sound I was looking for... I could not be happier with this mod.

    One question though - they gave me this orange plug in looking thing - what the heck is that? Is the the SERT?
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    Congrats on your new stage 1 set-up, I did the same with Rinehart pipes.
    Not sure about the "orange plug in looking thing" My race tuner is black with orange letters that say Screaming Eagle Performance Parts.
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    Yep. Be sure to save that.

    If I may ask. Would you be able to break down that $1200 you paid. I wanted to see what each part of the stage 1 costs. Tks!
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    SE pipes were $369.95 (part number 80721-09)
    SE Stage 1 Kit $139.95 (part number 29260-08)
    EFI Super Tuner - SE Pro $459.95 (part number 32109-08B)
    Muffler Clamps - 2 Ea $15.98 (part number 65296-95A)

    ** Total Parts $985.83
    ** Labor $180.00
    ** Sales Tax $69 .00
    ** Total out the door - $1,235.78

    The performance and the sound of my bike - Priceless ;)
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    Congratulations I just did that to my 09 ultra a few months ago and also love it.