Stage one and then some

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by DrBro, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. DrBro

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    I finally got my stage one completed - V&H monster wide ovals (chrome with black tips), SE air cleaner, SERT - put down max 88 ft-lbs nice and smooth. I also added the HD oil cooler, HD oil temp guage and HD Boom speaker upgrade myself. All I can say is "OH baby!" It is a completely different riding experience. The sound from the bike and the stereo make want to ride all day. I still slip out to the garage to start her up just for grins. :D Now all I need is a new seat and paint........
  2. Fireguy

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    The only thing better is getting a bunch if guys together and enjoying the road. And stopping by every HD dealer and buy goodies.:D
  3. heartshot

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    I can think of one thing better...and she would be on the back....but then again...if mama found out....she probably would have something to say about that.