Stage I - A/C and Wide Band O2

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    My 09 96B TC (on an FLSTC) runs very hot and i dont think it is a good thing at all. To address this issue i read on the forums that i need to get the stage 1 stuff done and remap the ECU.
    ECU trying to find out which one would suit my needs was tricky but I settled on the TTS mastertune.

    Exhaust next up in the stage 1 are pipes and i settled on the v&h big shots long with the quiet baffles.
    I know the rear pipe on this model has the electronically controlled butterfly as does i think the a/c (Intake Solenoid and Exhaust Actuator) . These i believe the TTS will sort out but some confirmation re my assumptions would be good.

    A/C & O2 sensors - where i am still stumped are on two fronts.
    1. the A/C - is the drak v&h the one to go for, or would you recommend one of the following:
    SE stage 1,

    the arlen ness big sucker (1or2? - heard there were quality issues),

    the doherty machine power pacc (but he doesnt seem to make anything from 07 up),

    K&N RK-3909 Kit etc., etc. - ​

    i would like something that uses the standard FLSTC A/C housing and gives the best throughput - air speed and volume.

    2. wide band 02 sensors
    Revolution Performance Precision Engine Management System. or something like the AFXiED/LC1 Wide Band O2 Sensor Upgrade from Nightrider and co.
    I am aware that the wide band O2 is def a help but then is the TTS cabable of programming the ECU to run in open loop. :newsmile026:

    If you have any advise on A/C and O2 options for the 09 FLSTC it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Justin
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    I too am struggling with these issues. On advice I ran TTS with an 821 closed loop offset (AFR 13.9:1) and killed my front O2 sensor. Replacing and following TTS manual recommendations not to exceed 800 (14.25:1), I wonder if I might be better off using my XIEDs with a less aggressive setting.

    08 RK police w/ factory 103, big sucker intake and V&H slip-ons.

    I like TTS, but why is it so hard to find answers?
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    TTS is pretty powerfull tuner. V-Tuning is very good. There should be a very long manual on how to V-Tune w/out a dyno. If not, search the web, I bet you will find some experts out there :)
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