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stage 1 upgrade

I finally have my stage 1 finished, i put on cycle shack slipons, power commander and a se air cleaner:D, still need to put it on a dyno and tweak the pc but it is running great.
The PC is more than just a fueler it is a complete engine mapper from fuel to shift points and Igniniton timing and Rev limit, it does take a little setting up to get the best from it but it is more usefull when you start throwing internals at the engine, cams, heads, and the likes

The screamin eagle race tuner is basically the same thing as the power commander, correct? Meaning you can adjust all of the above. I'm just curious because that's what I had put on my 08' 1200c.
They do similar functions, however the SERT remaps your stock ECM whereas the PC III is a piggy back unit that changes the settings for various events after the signal leaves the stock ECM.