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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by skydude426, Oct 17, 2010.

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    I've wanted a Harley for over 20 years and refused to buy a bike until I could get a Harley. I used to ride my brothers motorcycles when I was younger and loved it exept for breaking my wrist in a crash (lesson well learned). Anyway, my wife and I now have and Ultra Classic and love it. I'm trying to learn all I can and I'm wondering what a stage 1 upgrade is. It may be a dumb question but I can't learn without asking.
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    Basic answer is more air in, more air out, with proper air/fuel mixer, equals a better running bike.
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    Animal, are you running a TFI and slip-ons with the SE air kit.

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    Don't know for sure about Animal BUT

    I have an 09 FLHR with V&H slip-ons of equal sized out put (big hole on left also) scream'n eagle air and TFI...

    The 3 combinations i have work great... I noticed the cooler running motor without Lean Fuel conditions after TFI and believe me I could tell a BIG difference from the stock 96 off the show room floor.... TFI is easy to install and to adjust to Your Bike.....

    I wanted to follow a "Proven Engine Build" that I could do "Piece Meal" so my next step miles later,,,, was to install SE255 cams, BIG difference using these cams... Low end improvement that I was looking for Yet a good boost at passing , good 2 up power... Wifey Does hold on!!!

    Now When I feel the need to re-do the upper end "Heads and Pistons", AS I Have Planned,,, I will go 103" and flow the heads properly for the COMPLETE build I'm after...

    This "Piece Meal" for me is perfect, taking advantage of GOOD power increases along the way and "spacing out" so I can get the most out of the stock motor parts (org. pistons-cyls.) and Improve it as the Miles pile up, getting all I can out of the original parts...

    It is very important to find a Proven Build you are looking for on your bike and NOT just toss parts at it.. You can then piece meal or do it all at once ,,, Your call.

    Just my way