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    need some advice have a 1992 heritage (evo) want to add a stage 1 kit friend of mine said go with the thunderslide carb kit is this a good one or is there a better one to go with also what air cleaner should i go with want to keep the stock air cleaner cover another thing is the stage 1 worth doing or should i go into something bigger just looking fo a little more snap when riding 2up any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Use this as a guide for your evo as far as jetting, no need for a kit, just get the proper jets and don't drill the slide.

    *Twin Cam CV Carb Rejet Suggestions - Harley Davidson Community

    and if you are looking for a stage 1 air cleaner, you can do it up with a K&N filter

    Build Your Own Stage 1 - Harley Davidson Community

    Auto zone can get you the HD0800 K&N filter for the stage 1 for about $42.
    and the parts in the kit at the bottom of the list here minus the filter..

    Stage 1 Installation Instructions - Harley Davidson Community
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    Glider as always is spot on...keep it simple and inexpensive to boot. Jet ket was about $30, (remove plug on idle mixture screw or better yet they make a replacement on with knurled knob if you want it even easiers for another $15, 2 - #4 washers 50 cents and the A/C should get you inside $100...the exhaust Slip-ons are the big ticket item here...just keep the old ones for EPA mandated inspections so common nowadays and you should be good to go.