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Stage 1 quandary help!


I am looking for some advice, I have read many of the threads here concerning Stage 1 fitment and I guess I just can not make up my mind as to which way I want to go.

I have a 2006 Electra glide classic that I bought about a month ago from and individual. She had Rush slip ons installed on it just before she decided to sell it. No upgrade to the A/C was done at the time.

I have noticed a slight popping when I decelerate and a slight surge now and then at low speed, from what I have read in the threads on here I am sure I am needing to upgrade the A/C as a start to eliminating these symptoms.

Now comes the part that I am not sure of, when I do the A/C upgrade I will need to either have a remap done or install some kind of fuel pack (PCIII or TFI).

I was at the dealer yesterday on an unrelated issue and got to talking with the service manager. I mentioned what was going on and he said that he could do the upgrade and remap for around $325 which sounds reasonable I guess with parts and labor costs. Apparently they have a special price right now on the cost of the SE A/C kit right now.

What would be the issues of going ahead and having this done through the dealer or getting the kit and installing myself along with say a TFI unit?? Its been a while since my mechanical apptitude was utilized in such a way and I don't want to mess something up. Especially on a bike that is new to me.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Here's my advice on this and I have done it to many bikes both mine and friends too.

Best way to go stage 1

Build Your Own Stage 1 - Harley Davidson Community

Best way to alter the fuel for the above because the dealer remap is still on the lean side and their download works best with HD parts (mufflers) otherwise it will be off (even leaner) for after market mufflers. Simple install and very good support (if you need it)

There was also an issue with the injectors too. The *8 injectors in the newer bikes weren't sufficient to run properly and an upgraded 25* injector was used to replace them that was paid by HD and the dealer would swap them if you complain that the bike was surging at low speed.They will also do a download to the ECM that coinside with the 25* injectors, then you can go ahead with the TFI and the Stage 1 installation.

Fuel Inj. Calibration Change For 06 (CVO Injectors) - Harley Davidson Community

Also "upgrade and remap for around $325" the download is $150 and the stage 1 should run about $140 depending on which way you go here.

Do it yourself!
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I did check my injectors a few minutes ago and they are the new ones. In retrospect I think the slight surge I mentioned may be from me still learning friction zone of the bike.

Thanks for the reply and the "push" Glider! I appreciate your advice and the points you make , make good sense. I believe I remember seeing a link somewhere to the instructions for the install of the A/C kit on a touring bike on a post somewhere , I must have forgot to book mark it. Are they available here on the forum? I am trying to google them but just need to refine my search I guess.

Thanks again,

Thanks G, them be the very ones! Funny, I can find a sick computer on my network but can't find a thread in a forum, go figure!

If you go up to the top of the page just under the logo HDTimeline , you'll see QUICK LINKS TIPS FORUMS, click on that and it will give you all the categories in the self help forum, from there you choose the appropriate section and it will give you a list of every topic in that forum to choose from instead of searching through all the pages in that forum. When you find what you are looking for and the page opens, click on the title at the top and it will take you to the same post in that section where pics if they are available will display.

It's easy this way.