Stage 1 on 2011 Dyna Superglide

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by orgredneck, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. orgredneck

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    Got a 2011 Superglide about a month.:D
    Trying to decide what to do.
    Looking to hear from owners to see what they are running,
    and how it is working out for them.
    Want to know what you are using. list all 3 items Please.
    I know a lot of members use the TFI.Slip ons and air filter.
  2. Harley38

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    orgredneck......congrats on the new bike, I am sure you are enjoying it. I put Rush slip-ons, SEPT, and stage 1 K&N A/C assembly on my Dyna. Bike runs great and am thrilled with the sound and performance. :D

    I hope this helps you.
  3. ngjandm

    ngjandm Active Member

    gratz orgredneck.

    only just 20 days ago I installed onto my 2010 FXDF

    - V+H big shot staggered - black
    - V+H v02 Naked (too cheap for now to buy the SE high air flow and black cap for now)
    - Power Commander 5

    I installed the PCV actually about 2 weeks before the pipes and air. With their easily downloadable maps, I was able to swap maps very easily with a laptop.

    so far I feel the power. Have not done the cover the exhaust to test for leaks yet, I'm too afraid to, but with a gasket and tight connection, I am assuming for now, there isn't a leak.
  4. FOG60

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    2010 FXDF - Installed SE AC, V&H BR 2-1 and Dobeck Gen 3 runs great, no problems with the exception of the "water resistant" sock over the air filter. It isn't!!! Picked up a plain round chrome cover cheap and it keeps the water out. Rode a ton of miles in the rain last year
  5. Slapp

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    That is a tough questions you asked as everyone will have their own version of what too do. A normal stage one consist on average of 1) A better breathing filter of some sort. 2) Usually some better flowing slip ons or even a new exhaust (dependeing on amount of money) and 3) A new fuel management system. Like the other two systems the fuel management will be a big decision as there are pre-programed ones, ones that only certain people can adjust and so on.
    With all that being said you must also add in to the factor of how do you plan on riding the bike? Are you using it to save gas back and forth to work, or are planning on building a powerhouse that can out run anything on the street. Again all this plays into affect. Do your research and by all means make sure all your parts are compatable with each other, call manufactures and ensure that all the parts you choose can be tuned together for the type of riding you wish to do.
    Good luck, stay safe and spend wisely.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Now this was on my Dyna FXDS top of the line bike..

    2000 model.. I put on Python 3's , Full pipes from the head to the rears... LOUD Scary and I liked them.. It being a carbed Model, I could Not use the TFI/Gen3 like the FI models. MAN, the TFI on my 09 is a MUST...and SE 255 cams.

    I did the SE air and Whole big builds on the engine over time ended with SS570 G drives and Lots of other Hot items..

    good bike but gone now for the new 09 in the stable..:newsmile036:

  7. hathawaym27

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    i also just got a 2011 fat bob i did the big sucker, v&h fuel pack, and did se slip on but was not happy so did v&h short shot stagers in crome and now very happy but got a set of slip ons for you if you want ha ha
  8. Hoople

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    Not loud enough? (they are 49 state legal).
  9. hathawaym27

    hathawaym27 New Member

    they are loud just sounded funny