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Stage 1 Installation Instructions


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# 29773-02B... similar to 29440-99A Below but has the blue troublesome air filter.

The part number on the 'faulty' HD filters are 29044-04 and 29044-04A these have a blue rubber surround.
The replacement HD stage 1 which now has a black/grey surround is changed to part number 29044-04B

Another number 29773-02C
Another number # 29440-99A...
Another number # 29440-99C...
Another number # 29441-99...
Another (sporty) number # 29041-88B...
Another number # 29739-00A...
Adapter kit # 29769-01...
Another XL kit # 29042-04B
EVO Stage 1 kit # 29543-99B
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I want to be able to use the same cover that's why I want to be sure I order the right one. Is there any modifications I would need to do or do all the bolt holes and clips etc line up??
Man that's quick. Thank you so much. That's what I was asking, and got the answer. It's suppose to be 56 today here in Michgan. So my last stock riding days are almost over. Hopefully I'll have it to a Stage One over the wineter months. Appreciate the knowledge and helping me out. I'll be ordering my TFI soon, hope you won't mind if I have any installation questions I can come here to ask. Waiting on a Christmas Bonus (I hope).
Save riding.