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Discussion in 'Trikes' started by FLST, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. FLST

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    What effect will removing the cats and 02 sensors have on the ECM? Will I need a professional to adjust settings or remove codes?
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    Remove the cat and keep the 02 sensors and You won't need a professional.Your bike will run a little richer without the cat.If You remove the sensors,You will continuously throw codes.Depends on what Your a looking for,as to what direction to go.Lots of people do a Stage 1 by,upgrading exhaust and air cleaner and some type of flash tuner.Some remove the cat ,some don't.
  3. dolt

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    Removing the catalytic converter will have little effect on the ECM which has the capability to adjust to that change. However, removing the O2 sensors is a bad move and will prevent the ECM from being able to make the minor adjustment to removing the cats; don't do it.

    If your goal is better performance and a cooling running motor, install the SE air filter or an equivalent after market setup, remove the cats, install a set of aftermarket slipon mufflers, install a fuel management system like TTS Mastertune or the DJ Powervision and have the motor properly tuned. The added cost is what has been called the "Harley tax" forever.

    Or spend a bit more and replace the complete exhaust system with a new head pipe like the V&H Power Duals and mufflers of your choice. A Stage I upgrade, done and tuned properly, should be good for 10HP/10TQ over stock; it will measure on the butt dyno.

    If Stage I is as far as you want to go, you could save some $$ with one of the alternate fuel management systems like the Dobeck offering which is "pot" type system or the V&H FP3. You would need to do some research on both system to see what you might be most comfortable with as they are both DIY in the sense that no dyno time is "required" to get a decent tune.

    Perhaps you should start a thread like "Dobeck vs FP3" and get some information from users?:s
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    As dolt says here look here and do some reading
    Harley Davidson Forums
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    Dobeck Performance, 1-877-764-3337 or 406-388-2377. Give them a call and tell them what you have and what you want to do. Their tech support is very helpful and will suggest the best fueler for your application.

    Tell them you're a member of this forum and get an additional discount.
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    My stage 1, SE ac, Fullsac header, reinhart slipons,pro race tuner.
    Very happy with this setup.
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  8. dolt

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    I have been reading good things about the V&H FP3. Not my choice for a highly modified motor but for a Stage I or II upgrade, not a bad choice and customer support is reported to be top notch.

    Vance Hines | Fuelpak FP3
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    I run SE Filter, V&H Dresser Duals, Monster Rounds and FP3. The FP3 can display a lot of different info if desired has ready made set-ups (tune settings) to choose from based on V&H set up. Also has an Auto tune setting if you decide to use it. Install is so very easy. One thing to remember is the FP3 is tied to that bike forever and you need the app to use all its functions so you have to purchase an FP3 for Android or IOS. So no swapping phones i.e Samsung (Android) to Apple (IOS). Not a prob for me cuz I am an Apple guy. V&H customer service is Superb! They can also tell you which loaded setup will be a good fit should you not run V&H exhaust. Happy with my purchase. Good Luck.