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    My local dealer gets 1100.00 for a stage 1 upgrade. Thats with V&H slip-ons, Screamin eagle air filter,and PCiii. Just wondering what diffrence this would make performance wise. Anybody on forum done a similar setup. Before i drop the cash i want to be sure it makes a diffrence.I want to be sure i getting the most bang for my cash.:D
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    About 10hp on a TC88 and 12-14 on a TC96.
    Does the $1100 include a Dyno tune or just a canned map?
    If your going to use a canned map you can do the work yourself for about $800, all simple changes that can be done in about 2hrs.
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    I agree with the do-it-yourself suggestion.

    You'll notice a small increase in HP/throttle response.
    If the PCIII is programmed correctly, you will get the increase in power without sacrificing your MPG.

    I doubt the dyno tune is included in the package you described. But, it would be nice if that was included in the $1100 price tag. The PCIII's got so many canned maps available for it they definitely are going to have one that fits your set-up DYNAGUY. That's why I'm thinking the dyno-tune is NOT part of the quote.

    If you are not comfortable with doing all of the work, maybe you could do some of the work yourself and then get the dealer to do the parts you are uncomfortable with. This would save you some funds on the labor to get this done.

    My experience with both PCIII's and V&H pipes has been great. I have neither on my Road King, but recommend them highly from the experiences I had on my old scoot.


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    No that price does not include dyno time. I had thought about install everything myself. Then going and have dealer dial it in. THANKS
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    If you contact Jamie at fuelmoto, he sells the complete packages with PC III, V&H exhaust and stage 1 intakes and will install a map for your upgrades so you can install everything yourself. Usually the map is close enough as to not need a dyno tune if you wish not to.

    Like mentioned above, you are looking at about 10-12 HP and more TQ that will wake the bike up, It's not hard to do the install yourself and you will no doubt save a lot of $$$
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    fuel moto also has an ebay store and I think pretty good deals on PC III's
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    Check with Cape Fear HD or email Bill at M&M bike shop both at, Fayetteville NC you might save some money.

    Big Lou