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Stage 1/2/3 or what?????

English Mike

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Am tinkering with the idea of radically 'upping' the ol performance this coming winter and am completely confused over stages of improvement. I spotted a beautiful big bore screamin eagle brand new chromed lump in my local dealer (EFI) which so I was informed for the £650 cost of the lump and double that and a bit to fit and tune will up the torque to amazing proportions. I don't go fast but on a clear road it is nice to wind it up a bit in 2nd or 3rd for a moment and hear those pipes singing; I just thought that a bit more torque would be no bad thing. She is my baby and I have to decide if I keep her and keep adding, (can't stop, have serious illness which means hands won't stay in pocket) or, purchase brand new next Spring? I am leaning now to the former as she is starting to look superb, (photies soon, waiting for sun to appear)

What do you all think in terms of playing with the lump? Swap for that 'SE', or just go for the stages 1/2/3 whatever that actually gives you?



With a few parts and some $$$ you can make your present ride much more fun to be on. The addition of the slipons and intake along with some fuel management can net you about 8-10 HP and more TQ also which doesn't sound like a lot but when you figure that these motors are about 60 HP to start with, it takes on a different shape. Add the needed extra fuel to support these mods and you have a fun ride. It depends on whether you are happy with the ride you have now or not. The SE bikes are a great package but in terms of dollars, they do not hold the higher than average resale value at the other end unfortunately.

Here's something to read about the stages of bikes.

Good luck with your choice.