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Sputtering Engine

What causes fuel injected engines to sputter?

  • Wrong codes downloaded

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  • Vapor lock

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I have a 2003 Road King with 2000 miles on it. Lately the engine sputters from time to time like there is a vapor lock or stuck fuel injector or bad gas or bad gas flow from one side of the fuel tank to the other. This week, it really started cutting out so I took it in to my Harley certified mechanic and he hooked the bike up to a computer, ran some tests on it and come up with code PO 261. This particular mechanic decifered that it was a fuel injector gone bad but he couldn't work on it, so I took it to a dealership who couldn't come up with any codes. They determined that it was probably wrong codes downloaded when the Screaming Eagle kit was put on by another dealer. Then I called up a good friend who knew the two separate dealerships were having a silent feud that only insiders knew about and he knew personally one of the people working at the first dealer to verify that.
Anyone got any suggestions on what I should do next?????:(
The code reads as follows

P0261 Front Injector Open/Low EFI

Check the wiring at the plug of the injector. They have been known to break inside the insulation but on earlier models when the harness was strapped down too tight. That code was for an 04 or later model but yours is an 03, different set of codes.

The 04 on codes...

The 03 and prior codes...

The previous dealer probably cleared the code and that's why the second one can't read anything.
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