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sputtering and hesitation


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I have had trouble with my 2006 35th annv. superglide sputtering and hesitating. I have had it to the dealer 3 times. The first time they told me there was a recall on all 06 models to change out injectors. Only helped for a few miles of riding. The second time they mapped it at 25 degrees. Seemed to help for about 15 miles. Sent back in. This time the diagnostics showed CKP was bad. They replaced it and it seemed to help for about 1 tank full of fuel. Now doing it again imtermittantly. I read code P0107. MAP sensor openlow. Can someone tell me what this means exactly?
That pertains to the Manifold sensor that gives the ECM info.

It should be checked out to find if it is the sensor itself or the wiring to it by the dealer.
Thank you for replies. I did take it in yesterday, and was told they would check out the sensor and wiring.
The replies really helped as when I saw the code as MAP...I did not think of Manifold Pressure...I was thinking it was mapped wrong! Great to learn!