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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by apgronlund, Nov 14, 2014.

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    So I took my 2014 Road King in for it's 1,000 mile service. A bit after dropping it off I get a call from the dealer saying that the counter shaft has spun a bearing and the entire transmission housing must be replaced. It won't cost me a thing and they are delivering a loaner bike until mine is done. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone elses touring model bike? Or is it a isolated case.
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    Does seem a bit strange since you did not complain of any strange noises. I think it is exceptional customer service that the dealer is giving you a loaner bike to use in the mean time.
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    If they found this issue on your 1,000 mile inspection good for them. Maybe theres hope for some HD dealerships.
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    ..ok. let's not start talking crazy now .......
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    Actually the dealership I bought my bike at has got to be one of the better places. Within a 50 mile radius there are 5 dealers so they try harder. This is the second time my new bike has been in to get fiwed. First time I had it for 2 days and noticed fluid leaking from the forks. Was a few miles from them and went in. They gave me a loaner until they fixed it. Took 1 day to fix and I kept the loaner for an extra day. Rode it just like I stole it! FUN! Even though these things are not their fault, they are apoligetic about the whole thing. Hopfully I didn't get a lemon. But I did get the extended service plan. Useally a waste of money but this time maybe not. I'm also surprised they found the spun bearing. I'll keep this forum posted on the outcome.
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    Don't keep us guessing - what's the name of this outstanding dealership?