Springfield, Mo riding areas.

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    Got a bad case of the "Spring Fever". Looked at a map and finger hit Springfield, Mo. Looks to be a 9hour + drive from Minneapolis. Is it too early to haul bikes down there for a 2 day ride? What is the riding like down there? Any suggestions for destinations? Buddy just picked up a new Gold Wing should he be worried about getting roughed up by the Locals? :D
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    The weather is a "hit & miss" situation this time of year. Today could be 50/60 and tomorrow have snow on the ground!! If your trailering , check out the forecast the days you would be in the area. Make sure you have some warm gear just in case. From Springfield ( Bass Pro. shop,if your interested) you can go down past Branson into Arkansas and head west a short trip to the "Boston Mntns." in Eureka Springs and circle back to Springfield . LOTS of TWISTY COUNTY BLACK TOP ROADS!! Pack a folding map! There are places along the roads you can see the TOPS of 30' pine trees!!!!! As far as gettin hassled - Naw!