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    i have an 89 fxsts and when i hit the front break i hear a screaching noise from the the springs or what not. what should i check first, The fluid was chainged about a year ago, and there is no fluid from what i can see leaking out.. any ideas, is it just a lubercation problem or any tricks to quit the compression noise that im hearing.... PS. im Edit so if this is normal just tell me to ride the bike and deal with it.. thanks.....

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    You might try spraying a good amount of silicone spray lube on the springs, wipe them dry and it might quite them down. It has worked for me in the past.
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    Not sure what fluid youre talking about having changed because there is no fluid in a springer front end.They do require some maintenence over time thats quite different from conventional front ends.

    First Id check to make sure all the bolts on the front end are tight, including the caliper.If any of them are loose it would certainly cause the front end to make funny noises.

    You should also change out the rocker bearings every 20k or so.Then theres the nylon washers holding the fender in place.When those go bad it allows slop in the fender which can rattle.