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    My Florida buddy and I got back to my house yesterday from our annual "Spring" ride. We rode in sunny 70 degree temps. the first day through Ga and into NC. The 2nd day was West into TN and 85 degrees and a HUGE traffic tie up near Sevierville, but we made it to Marion, VA for the night. Monday morning we hit Highway 16, The Dragons Back through VA into WV. That is one nice road, with lots of elevation changes, twists and turns. It's not as tight overall as the Tail of the Dragon, but we rode over 100 miles (Tail of Dragon is 11 miles), with virtually zero traffic. There are lots of farms and small communities along the way. We stopped for lunch in Beckley, WV at Appleby's and it started snowing while we were in there. We rode across the street and booked a room at the motel and holed up for the rest of the day and night. Next morning was 26 degrees and clear when we left the motel. It took a while to get all our locks open, as water had frozen in them. Two old guys in the parking lot blowing into the locks must have looked funny. It was a beautiful clear day riding through the snow covered mountains on nice dry roads. It warmed up to the mid 40's, and we hit some really nice back roads. The only problem was a lot of gravel remained on the roads, which caused some severe "pucker power" in a few of the turns. We spent another night or so in WV, then rode through some beautiful hilly Virginia country sides. We've both done most all of NC, so we used secondary roads South to Charlotte, then spent the last night in Chester, SC. Saturday broke to a steady rain and mid 40 temps. We bundled up, and hit the Interstates South to Columbia, then East to Augusta, GA where the rain quit after 150 concentrating miles.
    The last leg was under cloudy skies on nice GA backroads to my house and cold beers and hot BBQ waiting for us courtesy of my Princess Bride.
    It took us two years, but we made it to West Virginia in the Spring, maybe a week or so too early, but now it's a Unique part of another road trip with a good riding buddy.

    P.S. The new Andrews 48H cams are a noticeable improvement pulling the mountain grades. Well worth doing IMO. AVG. mpg went up about 3 overall (I can't help it, I check mpg on everything I own).

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    Good story. Thanks for sharing.

    It surely doesn't want to warm up this spring does it!
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    Nice write up Pete:D
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    I'm so jealous of you guys! Grew up in NC and miss it for sure! Thanks for the shot! Bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thanks for the writeup!
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    I remember it not being too much fun clearing the snow and ice off the bike prior to riding
    I try to avoid being in that situation
    it does sound like a good trip

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    Pete, nice! You deserve the nice ride after the picture of the snow!
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    Glad you could get in a ride but that white bling doesn't suit your bike.:D
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    Pete, thanks for sharing the ride with us. I lived in Macon for 17 years after graduating from Mercer. I then moved to Nashville and after 15 years in TN my job dragged me to northern, VA. The details of your ride has given me some ideas for weekend rides.
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    Spring? Last week it was 70°F. Yesterday, a bit of snow when I got up. Last night, 27° F.